INBOUND Voice Security (13 / 1300 / 1800)


Special voice rates for security customers

Globe provides special rates for 13 and 1300 inbound voice services to security customers that have their 1345 SafeDial number with us. Once you have your 1345 number programmed into the alarm panel, it makes sense to have a dedicated 1300 number for your customers to contact you. 1345 and 1300 numbers are totally portable so if you ever move premises or change your control room, it’s as simple as giving Globe a call to program the new answer points.

1300 IVR (Interactive Voice Recording)

Include an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) service and it’s like having your very own personal assistant directing your calls.

Your greeting could be something like:
“Welcome to ABC Security, for Sales and Technical support please press 1, or to speak directly with the security control room, press 2”.

Our 1300 services can be programmed to answer at different locations for different times of the day.

Answer to the office Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm and then directly to the control room after hours and all weekend. Or perhaps you would prefer to deal with your customers directly in which case it could answer directly to your mobile after hours.

1300 Management

  • Our network provides the full programming and redundancy features offered by an “IN” (Intelligent Network).
  • We can have your current 1300 numbers ported and provisioned within 72hrs of receiving your completed application or we can provision a new service for you.
  • Porting an existing service is seamless with no interruption to your service.
  • To simplify the billing process we offset the 1300 charges against the rebates due for your SafeDial 1345 service.
  • You will still get a detailed 1300 inbound statement with all call details and management reports; however payment will not be required, so long as the rebates due exceed the 1300 charges.
  • A summary of 1300 charges and rebate payments will be provided each month on your SafeDial statement.