SafeDial 1345 Security Call Rebates

How it works

Each time a security system is turned on or off, is tested, or triggered by an event, a call is sent from the alarm panel to the monitoring center via our 1345 SafeDial service – also known as ‘back to base’ alarm monitoring. We provide rebates on these calls and have devised a process that is simple and easy for you to obtain a new 1345 service or bring your existing 1345 services across to Globe.

 Benefits of working with Globe

✓  No upfront fees or ongoing charges.
✓  No term contracts.
✓  You own the number.
✓  Minimum rate of 12 cents (ex GST) rebate per call.
✓  Rebates are paid on time, every time, monthly in arrears.
✓  Our network provides full redundancy features.
✓  Provisioning is simple and usually completed the same day.
✓  Porting an existing service is seamless with no interruption to your service.

Network Reliability

Our network service level guarantees are far superior to normal voice services due to the time sensitive demands of the security industry. In case of network congestion our 1345 services take priority over voice traffic, providing reliability and peace of mind.

MySafeDial is a secure and powerful web portal providing access to your call details with customised reports for all your SafeDial services.

Globe was the first company to provide a Web Portal that provides security customers with access to their security call data…In another first, customers who bundle 1345 call rebates, 1300 Voice calls and SafeDial Wireless products have complete visibility of all services from their MySafeDial web portal.

Once logged in you will have access to the following:

  • 1345 calls
  • 1300 voice calls
  • SafeDial Wireless management
  • Last 6 months call details at a glance displayed in graphical format.
  • See ‘our’ services, configuration details including control room and landing points.
  • Run customised call reports for a whole month, an individual customer or just as a check against your 1345 rebate payment.

In addition to these features, we provide email alerts for alarm panels making excessive calls – runaway diallers.