SafeDial 1345 Call Rebate FAQ’s

Does the 1345 service cost me anything?

No. There are no set up costs nor any ongoing costs associated with our 1345 service. There are no charges for calls made from gsm panels or runaway diallers.

Who owns the number?

The application for service is in your company’s name and ownership of the service remains with you. Globe simply acts as the manager of the service.

Can I transfer my existing 1345/1300 service to globe telecom?

Yes. This is a very simple process and is completely seamless without any interruption to the service. You retain ownership of the service and globe telecom manages the service on your behalf and administers the payment of rebates and all necessary reporting.

What do I need to do in respect to my monitoring service?

If you are a bureau transferring an existing service nothing is required. If you require a new service through globe telecom, you need to contact your monitoring company and advise them that you have acquired your own SafeDial 1345 number and request that they supply you with a terminating number on one of their receivers. They may be reluctant to supply this number, as they will be losing some revenue. However, you acquired the customer at a cost and you maintain the customer at a cost, so the rebates should really belong to you, generated by dialler events from your customers alarm panels. You are also paying the monitoring company fees to monitor your customers, not to keep your rebates.

What if my control room won’t give me a terminating number?

You should explain that it is your decision and it is a business decision you have made and that if they are adamant that they will not allocate a terminating number, then you will be forced to seek the services of another monitoring company.

Why wouldn’t I deal directly with telco carriers myself?

  1. It is not your area of expertise and it can be quite complex and time consuming dealing with the internal hierarchy of the telco’s.
  2. As we have an agreement in place to aggregate our total customer’s events we are able to secure a far better rate for you than you would otherwise be able to in your own right and we provide the management of the service.

When will I be allocated my new 1345 number?

Once globe telecom receives the application it is generally same day activation.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

Globe telecom is available via a 1300 service business hours monday to friday and also 24/7 for any faults or redirections.

How and when will I be paid?

You will receive a direct credit to your nominated bank account on a monthly basis along with the appropriate reporting of events recorded for each month. This is paid at the end of each month for the previous month’s activity.

How can I check calls made from my 1345 service?

Globe provides customers with access to our MySafeDial web portal that provides call information, (updated every three hours) including the following:

  • Graphical summary of your last six months call volumes.
  • Total monthly calls for each SafeDial 1345/1300 SafeDial service.
  • Ability to view call totals for each day within the month.
  • View actual call details for each day, displaying;
  • the time the call was made,
  • the duration of the call,
  • the number the call was made from,
  • the area the call originated from.
  • the answer point the call terminated to,
  • Export data to excel or .csv, so you can sort or filter the data.
  • Generate reports by time and date range and also originating phone number.

This provides verification against your control room records of alarm events, test calls, alarm arming and disarming etc… Also helps identify calls that are being held for a longer than normal duration or identify calls made from a runaway dialler.