SafeDial Wireless


What is SafeDial Wireless?

SafeDial Wireless is a unique Multicom / MultiPath 4G/IP wireless unit. The only full featured wireless unit that does not incur additional GPRS monitoring fees from your Control Room and is portable with your 1345 service.

SafeDial Wireless GL45 is the ideal solution to proactively target your existing customer base before the NBN rolls out.

This is your opportunity to change marketing strategies and highlight to your customers the financial benefits of eliminating PSTN charges

The best thing about SafeDial Wireless is that there are no extra monitoring costs and no extra equipment required at your control room. (When using our 1300 / 1345 dialler option).

How do we do this?

All alarm events and system alerts are delivered in Contact ID directly to your control rooms PSTN receivers via your SafeDial 1345 service.

With a low purchase price and a fixed monthly cost, you can now bundle our unit as standard with every alarm installation. Simple really, your customer now has hassle free, always on security at an incredibly low cost.

SafeDial Wireless features

✓  Multicom, MultiPath 4G + IP device with 4 hour integrity polling.

✓  Telstra 4G / GPRS SIM

✓  Plug & Play solution

✓  Compatible with ALL Control Rooms

(1300 / 1345 deliver of IP via Permaconn Multiline Receiver)

✓  Interfaces with any Contact ID Alarm Panel

✓  Fully redundant network from customer premise to Control Room

✓  Offers portability with your 1345 number

✓  Remote Arm / Disarm – Pocket Secure™

✓  Installation & Commissioning Tools SafeDial Toolbox™ (ATLAS)

✓  Remote Alarm Panel Upload / Download SafeDial Config™

(Panel Client Software – PCS)

✓  All communication acknowledged and sent using AES128 encryption.


‘Your Remote Technician’

A web app providing activation, installation and diagnostics for installers. No guesswork – leave the site knowing the installation is complete and fully operational!

✓ Activate your units on-site.

✓ View the status and health of the unit.

✓ See event history and Contact ID messages


‘Your Remote Access’

A software application that allows the user to remotely connect their Alarm Panels upload / download configuration software via Permaconn’s SafeDial Wireless Multicom network.

The solution effectively replaces the traditional phone line dialler solution and eliminates the need to visit customers’ premises for Alarm Panel configuration changes.

‘Your Remote Guard’

A downloadable app for smart phones providing remote arm / disarm functionality for your end users.

Ever left the office and forgot to arm the alarm? Not a problem, simply open Pocket Secure™ on your smart phone and secure your premises!

One app can be used for arming and disarming multiple locations – Home, Office or Holiday Home.


‘Your Personal Manager’

A secure and powerful web portal providing access to your SafeDial 1300 / 1345 PSTN line call details and customised reporting. View call details for all SafeDial services –

✓  Last 6 months call details at a glance displayed in graphical format.

✓  See ‘your’ services and configuration details including control room and landing points.

✓  Run customised call reports for a whole month.

✓  SMS and email alerts are sent for alarm panels making excessive calls.